Food styling for the camera

Preparing, plating and perfecting food for photography

A video-based course written and hosted by William Reavell, a food photographer. Aimed at anyone working with their own food projects at home and marketing teams in the food and hospitality sector. I teach how to arrange food for the camera, placing, styling and techniques to get the best out of any Food Photograph. The course includes contributions from Rachel Miles, a Food stylist who I have worked with for many years on photography commissions and on my courses. Together we will teach and share our knowledge of working with food for the camera. Lessons and topics will be added, building a valuable resource of knowledge and skills. Once enrolled all lessons and future contributions will be available.

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William Reavell

Hi, I am a food photographer in the UK, based in London and the South East of England. My online courses provide a learning environment enabling you to reach your full potential in food photography. I teach creative food photography, sharing my knowledge experience and passion for food. I have written, filmed and created this online version of my popular food photography courses that I have been running since 2015. I have taught many individuals and food companies and through that experience have created a program of online courses which teaches the essential and important skills for food photography. My work as a photographer is at and my teaching and training resources are at I have worked with many different food companies and publishers on a huge variety of food projects and I love enabling those who are wanting to improve their food photography skills to reach their full potential in photographing food. I have taught at colleges on Photography and Leiths School of Food and Wine on Food Photography running weekend courses. I enjoy interacting and giving positive feedback to those studying on my course. Thank you for your time and interest in my online courses, Will.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

  • 2

    Food Styling For The Camera

    • Choosing your ingredients

  • 3

    Food styling for the camera lessons

    • Colour, texture, Shape

    • How to arrange couscous and rice overhead

    • Positioning on the plate

    • Food styling Techniques Part One

    • Food styling techniques- Part Two

    • Food Styling techniques- Part Three

    • Food styling techniques- Part Four

    • Food styling cakes

    • Food styling Salads and Leaves- Part One

    • Food styling Salads and Leaves- Part Two, adding extra ingredients