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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Creative Lighting Course for Food Photography.

  • 2

    Working with daylight

    • Working with Daylight

    • Assignment One-Choosing a window

    • Daylight assignment

    • Daylight angles

    • Reflecting and shading the light Part One

    • Reflecting and shading the light Part Two

    • Lighting heights and angles Part One

    • Lighting heights and angles Part Two

    • Assignment Two- Lighting angles

  • 3

    Working with studio lights

    • Using Studio flash and light meters

    • Soft boxes and diffusing screens

    • DIY- diffusing screen

    • Lighting assignment

  • 4

    Creative lighting techniques

    • Creative multiple lighting Part One

    • Creative multiple lighting Part Two

    • Capturing movement using flash Part One

    • Capturing movement using flash Part two

    • Controlling highlights in liquids and sauces

    • Lighting for drinks photography Part One

    • Lighting for drinks photography Part Two

    • Breaking the rules- a creative approach

    • Underlighting

    • Lights for effects

    • Final Assignment

    • Final assignment



William Reavell

Hi, I am a food photographer in the UK, based in London and the South East of England. My online courses provide a learning environment enabling you to reach your full potential in food photography. I teach creative food photography, sharing my knowledge experience and passion for food. I have written, filmed and created this online version of my popular food photography courses that I have been running since 2015. I have taught many individuals and food companies and through that experience have created a program of online courses which teaches the essential and important skills for food photography. My work as a photographer is at and my teaching and training resources are at I have worked with many different food companies and publishers on a huge variety of food projects and I love enabling those who are wanting to improve their food photography skills to reach their full potential in photographing food. I have taught at colleges on Photography and Leiths School of Food and Wine on Food Photography running weekend courses. I enjoy interacting and giving positive feedback to those studying on my course. Thank you for your time and interest in my online courses, Will.